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Spanaway Elementary Garden

The Spanaway Garden is a special place where students in grades PreK-5 can experience hands on learning connected to topics learned in class. Throughout the year students are invited to the garden as a class or can experience the garden during specified recess times. Spanaway works with community partners to support the learning in the garden each year. 

This year our school garden started a bit late. Students were invited to work in the garden during their recess time to prepare the soil and remove snails. In spring, classrooms spent time in the garden planting carrots, peas, beans, squash, corn, radishes, basil, parsley, and cucumbers and introduced ladybugs. We hope to continue to embed our school garden into academic areas as a way to engage students in real-world experiences. We also hope to partner with our families and the community as we move forward with our school garden projects.